ARI – Anti-Racist Information

Logo: Karijanne Tiltnes

ARI – Anti-Racist Information is a special collection of books, cartoon series and films in several languages for children and young people. The collection has been built up by the Holmlia branch of the Deichman Library in Oslo. By actively promoting its services, the Holmlia library has become a central meeting point and an important factor in the local community.

Holmlia is an urban district where one third of the population have an immigrant background. ARI views from different angles the questions of racism and the neo-Nazi movement, thus providing a historical background to the difficulties we face today.

The collection also contains books for adults. The library places great emphasis on presenting the contents of the collection to children and young people through close cooperation with schools and with both public and private organisations.

Exhibitions, visits by authors and presentations of selected literature are among the initiatives pursued. In 2002 the Holmlia branch was chosen as Norway’s “Library of the Year”.

Translated by Eric Deverill

Adviser, Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority