– what do the users think?

31. October 2000 saw the opening of bibliotek. dk – the database in which you can search and order books and visit the library from home!
For the Danish National Library Authority it was very interesting to see how this new service would be received by the libraries and not least by the actual user (the end user). It was therefore decided to carry out a user sur vey of in the autumn 2001 almost one year after the opening.

The user survey was conducted by the firm SITICOM – Fischer & Lorenz and is based on 1,040 respondents. It showed that generally speaking the users are very satisfied with bibliotek. dk, including both search and order facilities and they also consider it to be a user-friendly system.

The survey also shows that any future development of must concentrate on core services, which means that focus should still be on sear ching and ordering materials from Danish libraries. The main points are improvements in search and order facilities and display formats,as well as access to external databases and reference works.

How many use
Since the opening of in October 2000, there have been 35,000 requests to the research libraries and 225,000 to the public libraries. The tendency shows an increase in the use of and in September 2001 had 50,000 unique users.

63% of the respondents use bibliotek. dk as a minimum once every fortnight, of these 9% use daily and 31% use once or twice a week. 68% visit from their own home. has changed the ‘library pattern’ for a majority of the respondents. 66% have changed their borrowing habits, which is particularly manifested in the way they use more libraries and borrow more books.

Evaluation of
The survey shows that 90% are very satisfied or satisfied with 96% said that they always or as a rule find what they are looking for, and 89% find the presentation of the search result easy to g rasp or fairly easy to grasp.
The respondents answer that they generally find it easy to o rientate thembibliotek. selves and navigate in
93% say that it is “very easy” or “quite easy” to manoeuvre in

The future
The survey unearthed a number of questions which prompted some further thoughts on the development of and how is constructed. The importance of the core services has been stressed and with this firmly in mind, the course is set for future improvements.

The user survey is available on the Danish National Library Authority’s homepage at:… (in Danish).

Translated by Vibeke Cranfield

Senior library advisory officer, Danish National Library Authority