Children and Literature

The Danish Ministry of Culture has set aside DKK 5 mil. for their campaign on children and literature running from 2003-2004.

Steering committee
A steering committee with representatives from the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, the Danish Arts Agency and the Danish National Library Authority has the overall responsibility. The campaign is administered by the Danish National Library Authority. Beacons and local projects The campaign is a combination of 6 ‘beacons’ and 60 local projects spread across the country. The six beacons:

  • Courses in library service to kindergartens
  • The magic of words – the impact of the story on sick children in hospital
  • The good story – a network
  • Children’s Book of the year – chosen by children
  • Innovation and development of reading aloud to children.

The local projects
In spring 2003 children’s institutions such as day-care institutions, schools, school libraries, public libraries and other prospective interested parties were invited to participate in the campaign Children and literature. Out of a total of 96 applications 60 were chosen. The projects combine the work with children and books and the collaboration across professional boundaries and sectors – for the purpose of encouraging children’s interest in and joy of reading.

Inspiration and visualisation
Electronic newsletters are published and everyone is welcome to register for this service (see www.læ The publication Læsningens magi – om børn, bøger og læselyst is the first in a series of three books on the subject of the joy of reading.

For further information, please contact

project co-ordinator:
Bente Buchhave
library advisory officer,
Danish National Library Authority,
phone: +45 33 73 33 73,

bbu AT

Library advisory officer, Danish National Library Authority