IFLA 2005

Welcome to Oslo

- in the heart of Oslo, Norway
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Marit Vestlie, project director
IFLA 2005 Oslo Secretariat
E-mail: ifla2005 AT norskbibliotekforening.no

Satellite Meetings

  1. CPD and Preparing for the New Roles of Librarians: A voyage of discovery. Date: 10-13 August 2005, Norway, Oslo University College
  2. Management, Marketing, Evaluation and Promotion of Library Services. Based on statistics, analyses and evaluation in your own library. Date: 9-11 August 2005, Norway, Bergen
  3. The Impact and Outcomes of Library Services. Performance measurement for a changing information environment. Date: 20-23 August 2005, UK, University of Durham, Collingwood College
  4. The 21st Annual Preconference of Library and Research Services for Parliaments. Hosted by the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget). Date: 10-12 August 2005, Norway, Oslo, Stortinget
  5. Documenting Censored Books and Newspapers through all ages for the Bibliographic Database ‘Beacon for Freedom of Expression’. Date: 11-12 August 2005, Norway, Oslo, Nobel Institute
  6. Accessible Libraries. Date: 10-12 August 2005, Sweden, Göteborg (Gothenburg)
  7. How Government Libraries and Information Services Support the Strategies of their Home Organisation in Practice. Date: 10-12 August 2005, Sweden, Stockholm, Government Office
  8. An Invitational Meeting: Literacy for Life – Promoting Reading and the Practice of Literacy. Date: 11-13 August 2005, Norway, Oslo, Oslo University College
  9. Public Libraries from Public Education to what? Designing the new strategies for Public Paradises for Adults, Children and Young People. Date: 10-11 August 2005, Norway, Stavanger
  10. Responsible Stewardship of Cultural Property. Date: 11-12 August 2005, Denmark, Copenhagen, The Royal Library
  11. The Physical Library and Beyond – Library as a Place and the Library in Cyberspace.Who is Responsible for the Virtual Library? Date: 11-12 August 2005, Finland, Järvenpää, Järvenpää Hall
  12. Nordic Mobile Meeting and Conference to Further the Knowledge and Development of Mobile Library Services. Date: 12-14 August 2005, Norway, Oslo, Holmenkollen
  13. Organisations in Change: Effects on Art Libraries. Date: 12 August 2005, Norway, Oslo, Oslo University Library
  14. Arctic Circle Conservation Colloquium: Preservation Storage. Solution for all Library Materials Date: 11-12 August 2005, Norway, Mo i Rana, National Library
  15. The Multicultural Library – Staff Competence for Success. Themes: Language Rights, Staff Competence and Multilingual Catalogues Date: 10-12 August 2005, Sweden, Stockholm, Kulturhuset
  16. Biblioteca Universalis – How to Organise Chaos? FRBR, a New Effort to Organise Content, and Some Practical Applications Date: 11-12 August 2005, Finland, Järvenpää, Järvenpää Hall