Knowing where the need for a library arises

First case:
Now the pupils at HTX know where the library in Køge is.

HTX (Technical Gymnasium) in Køge has not got a library, let alone a librarian. On the face of it the pupils are drifting completely on their own in the great information sea. I say ‘drifting’because the pupils have not been aware that they can steer their course towards one of the libraries in Køge Municipality and there get help with their navigation. This makes Køge Libraries sit up and think: “HTX must be saved”–and then they throw out the lifebuoy.

The help I offer is to go to the gymnasium and as part of the pupils’general tuition try to teach them information literacy. I teach them how to tackle an information search process in connection with their assignments and projects, and I plan this process in a constructive interplay with teachers at HTX.

As a librarian it is particularly interesting to create and sell a product to an educational institution and develop it in a continuous cooperation between management and teachers. It is a challenge to learn about HTX as domain (organisation, pedagogical practice, subjects, languages etc.) and to produce an offer that matches their needs. Like so many other challenges it also increases one’s own professional competences.

The project looks to be a permanent contract / a service agreement between library and educational institution.

Anders Kragh Sørensen Librarian Koege Libraries Anders.Kragh.Soerensen AT

Second case:
The Bottlery in Køge – involving the young and groovy events

The start was a Hip Hop event: A Battle Night where professionals battled against each other and against the bold locals. 260 young people supported this initial cooperation between the young, the bottlery and the library.

In 2006 an old bottlery hall was turned into the youth culture centre of Køge. In this rough hall with a café the young meet at concerts, paint graffiti and play heavy. There is a climbing wall outside and the facilities for playing hockey. And a lot more is in the pipeline.

Right from the outset Køge Libraries wanted to help give the young some groovy, but also educational experiences and opportunities at the Bottlery – all of them on the young people’s terms. The Bottlery has been built up by the young, for the young. Following a brainstorming with a group of young people, possible ideas were put to the vote among the many young people in Køge. Via sms and the library’s homepage the young people decided on Hip Hop, graffiti, extreme sport and photos. Now, at the beginning of 2007, a number of arrangements and events have been planned. These will be supplemented with exhibitions of materials supplied by Køge Libraries.

The librarians reach out to the young people. And the young know by now that their local library takes their wishes and needs seriously. A tremendous bonus from the cooperation with the bottlery is a network that just continues to expand.

Thomas Drachmann Kastberg
The Køge Libraries
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Lene Kaalund
The Køge Libraries
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The above-mentioned projects have received support from Køge Municipality and the Danish Library Agency. The projects are part of “Forever Young”, a networking cooperation between Greve, Køge, Solrød and Vallø Municipalities developed over the past few years.

Translated by Vibeke Cranfield

Librarian Koege Libraries
Librarian Koege Libraries
Librarian, Koege Libraries.