New Danish library site for tweens

The competition for capturing children’s attention is getting tougher all the time. Danish public libraries have accepted the challenge and together with the company Copenhagen Bombay and the Danish Agency for Libraries and Media they are now creating a national children’s library site. The target group is tweens. Based on a humorous universe the site will highlight the libraries’ diversity of materials and competences. The site will also provide a framework where tweens can communicate with the library staff.

The name of the site is (Palle’s gift shop – a Danish figure of speech for everything being free of charge). The name is an ironic comment on the point that the children’s libraries with this site offer an enormous amount of experiences – for free. The site will focus on experiences rather than learning, a universe that presents books, films, music, games, mobile features, web sites and events in the physical library on equal terms. The universe will also include cartoons, smaller games, and music videos. There will be different themes that bring materials together in new contexts. Some of the themes are Records, The Other World, and Nerd.

Development of the platform for the site and the running of it are in 2009 and 2010 financed by means from the Coordination Group for Net Libraries. The site was launched in marts 2010.

Lisbet Vestergaard
Children’s Library Consultant
Danish Agency for Libraries and Media
lve AT

Consultant Danish Agency for Libraries and Media