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In October 2003 Nordbok approved its plan of activities for the period 2004- 2005. Nordbok’s strategy is in line with the committee’s aims and guidelines as laid down by the Nordic Council of Ministers, its main proposals for 2004 and the following period being as follows:
All inhabitants of the Nordic countries shall be given the opportunity of becoming acquainted with new and relevant literature from their Nordic neighbours by means of translations in their native tongue.

The Nordic Council’s Prize for Literature shall be used as a means to help promote Nordic literature.

Nordbok shall contribute towards enhancing awareness of Nordic literature, shall throw light on the cultural and ethnic variety of the Nordic countries and shall encourage contact and cooperation between peoples of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

Nordbok shall promote and strengthen the role of public libraries as active disseminators of Nordic literature.

Nordbok shall stimulate reading among children and young people, working to increase their interest and understanding of literature and encouraging them in their own creative activities.

Co-operation in the literary field between Nordic public libraries, organisations and institutions shall be encouraged with a view to making them better equipped to meet new challenges.

Financial support for the translation of Nordic literature and the provision of grants towards projects and arrangements relevant to the dissemination of literature and library activities represent Nordbok’s constant area of involvement.

Applications for grants to fund translation work are dealt with twice a year, the deadlines being 1. April and 1. October. Applications for financial assistance towards projects and other arrangements are accepted once a year with 1. April as the deadline date. Nordbok has approved the following wording of its announcement with regard to the financial support available in 2004.

The funding of projects constitutes Nordbok’s primary means of achieving its overall aims. Since these funds are limited it is important, when publicising details, to make quite clear from the start the type of project most likely to be given priority.

Nordbok’s activities cover two areas: literature and the public library sector. Both areas are huge in themselves and it can be difficult to deal with them adequately within one and the same committee. This is particularly true of the library sector. In order to avoid spreading the work of the committee too widely and also to achieve tangible results with the limited means at one’s disposal, the committee will place main emphasis on tasks and initiatives connected with the role of the public library as a provider and disseminator of literature.

When inviting applications for project support in 2004, Nordbok will give priority to the following areas:

  • Projects which focus on promoting the literature of a Nordic neighbour.
  • Projects which deal with the creative process and/or interaction between the various links in the literary cycle.
  • Projects concerning literature for the young and its dissemination or which encourage literature-related creative activity among children and young people.
  • Projects concerned with the preparation, production and/or dissemi- nation of literature for groups with special requirements, such as the physically-handicapped, linguistic minorities, etc.
  • Projects aimed at creating a Nordic network to meet new challenges in the dissemination of literature, art and culture.
  • Projects which promote a higher level of expertise among librarians, authors, translators and others who pursue their profession in the world of literature.

A general guideline for all those seeking funding for a project should be that they also look into the possibility of obtaining financial support from some national body or Nordic organisation. Project support from Nordbok should, where possible, be combined with funding available from other sources.

Translated by Eric Deverill

director, Nordbok.
Nordbok’s plan of activities is available in full text, both English and Norwegian, on