New location produces more library users!

The main library in Gloppen municipality in Western Norway experienced an explosive increase in its number of visitors after the library moved into new premises. At the same time the number of loans soared.

A couple of years ago the library in Gloppen moved into the new cultural centre, known as Trivselshagen (which translates literally as “the Garden of Well-being”), resulting from a joint project between Gloppen municipality and Sogn and Fjordane county authorities.

The library is a combined school and public library, as the upper secondary school has its teaching premises in Trivselshagen. Moreover, the building also houses the municipality’s Culture School with its 400 students, in addition to a café, cinema and theatre auditorium. Close to the building there is a primary school, lower secondary school and sports complex.

The greatest difference between the new premises and the library’s previous location is that now people have many different errands they can carry out where the library is located. Earlier, you had to be a dedicated library user to cover the two hundred metres up the hill from the town centre. Now the library has become the natural place to be for children coming out of school and wanting a break before going on to activities in the Culture School or at the sports complex. It has also become a natural meeting place for adults, both parents and grandparents, who come to collect children after their activities. Often, they bring younger brothers and sisters as well.

The public library has, for many years, cooperated with various actors in the local community and this cooperation has also increased after moving into the shared premises of Trivselshagen.

Tertit Knudsen
Adviser, National Library of Norway
Tertit.knudsen AT
Translated by Akasie språktjenester AS

Advisor The National Library of Norway