Recent library development

Biblioteknett Østfold has been launched anew, this time with the emphasis on library users. This service is the result of work carried out as part of the project Biblioteket Østfold, where all libraries co-operate in order to offer users the best possible service. This project is supported by ABMutvikling, the Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority.
The county of Østfold is thus the first in Norway to put into practice the ‘seamless’ library, where a virtual network facility is one of the features.
The most important ‘ingredients’ are an effective, operative and cheap transport system with a van which visits all libraries twice a week, agreements on co-operation and regulations and an overall development plan to ensure that collective resources are administered in the best possible manner. Experience from this project will also be useful in developing ‘seamless’ library services at national level.

Sidsel Hindal
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Horsens public library has during the period 2000-2002 completed a project called The library as advanced public service and Info-Kiosk.

The purpose of the project was to create easier access to public information and let the library act as a guide in the public information jungle. To help the citizens put the information into context and through this active assistance and mediation turn information into useful knowledge.

The project were to examine whether it was possible to develop the library’ role as information centre towards being an important pivotal point in local service to the citizen.

The ensuing report describes the Info- Kiosk, the service point at Horsens library, its organisation, tasks and results. It describes the experiences gained in the project as regards competence needs, marketing, user behaviour pattern and user needs, and further presents a model for a knowledge database which can form the basis for a future working tool in public information.

Finally, the experiences gained are put into perspective in relation to the libraries’ future tasks as well as the roles of library staff.

The project has received financial support from the Danish National Library Authority’s Development pool.

Lone Hansen
senior library advisory officer
Danish National Library Authority
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