Recent Library Developments

Nelli – contemporary library services
The Finnish Nelli-portal gives access to material on research and higher education. The new portal was inaugurated for the use of university library users on 15. September 2004, while libraries at polytechnics and public libraries are given access later on. Helsinki University Library and the National Library have developed Nelli in cooperation with the university library network, and the portal offers contents and tools for information retrieval and for searching many databases simultaneously. There are possibilities for tailored and personalised services. Nelli is one of the corner stones of the national open-for-all portal to come.

Logistics in libraries
Virtual libraries and virtual services are developing, but due to easy access to catalogues and collections on the web, and to the fact that 80% of Finnish libraries belong to some library network with joint catalogues on the web, the problem with moving books around fast and with as low costs as possible has became crucial. The Lappish Rekku- system, once a pilot project financed by the Ministry of Education, was presented in a report a couple of years ago, and was mostly about transporting books within a certain area. The new report, Solutions to logistics of the libraries of tomorrow (only available in Finnish), presented to the Minister of Culture Tanja Karpela on the 28. September 2004 was initiated by the Ministry of Transport and Communication and the Ministry of Education and carried out by two consulting companies. The report offers interesting solutions to the logistics problem by use of new technology – there is much more than mere transport to be looked at – and presents a pilot project in the capital area of Finland with 86 library units in close cooperation.

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