Scandinavian Shortcuts

Library web for all (
Since 1995 the public libraries in Finland have had a common web portal for all the Finnish municipalities. The aim is to unite the services of the public and the research libraries and to develop an electronic library where it is possible to combine databases. Another objective is production of metadata, i.e. a centralised cataloguing and content description of the media.Bibliotekforum, 9/2002

New director of NORDINFO
The Nordic Council of Ministers has appointed dr.phil. Eva Hesselgren Mortensen as director of NORDINFO (The Nordic Council for Scientific Information) for the period 1. August 2002 until 31. July 2006. Prior to taking up this appointment, Eva Hesselgren Mortensen was library director of Karlstad University Library in Sweden. NORDINFO has now moved into new premises in Helsinki, Finland. An evaluation report on NORDINFO suggests that the organisation be attached to a dynamic institution, like for example The Office of the National Librarian in Sweden, The Danish National Library Authority, The Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority, Helsinki University Library or The National Library in Iceland.

NORDINFO-Nytt, 2-3/2002

Preben Kirkegaard
With the death of Preben Kirkegaard on 3. December 2002, the Danish and the international library world has lost of the most outstanding and influential library pioneers of the 20. century. Preben Kirkegaard was the creator of the library school and librarian’s training that we have today. At the same time he tuned the Danish library world towards the global reality through his enthusiastic involvement in the international library association, IFLA, of which he was president for a number of years.

Danmarks Biblioteker, 1/2003