Scandinavian Shortcuts

Läsrörelsen at McDonalds
Hundreds of thousands of interactive play&learn games of high quality have been distributed this autumn to customers in McDonald restaurants. The Swedish association Läsrörelse (Reading movement) is behind the campaign. The idea is – via play – to encourage children to read.

Swedish digital library in front
At the University Library of Gothenburg 9,000 e-books are placed on the invisible shelves of The Digital Library. The e-books which are downloaded very frequently, have provided the students with access to new titles, while the staff have seen the e-books as a great professional challenge.
Bibliotekspressen, 16/2002, p.510

Library offers help in job application technique
Gjellerup Library in Århus has, together with the Labour Exchange, set up a department in the library where the librarian advises people on how to apply for jobs. Gjellerup has a very large number of immigrants and many people are without work. The project is running for six months as an experiment.
Danske Kommuner 30/2002, pp. 14-15.

Adaptable public library
The public library in Aust-Agder has been very quick to adapt to new tasks.
Already in May this year the library got a new name and new areas of responsibility. The new name is: Aust-Agder Public Library and Cultural Mediation.
The new organisational model means that apart from the general library function, the library is now getting assignments from the municipality’s cultural section in the shape of responsibility for i.a. touring activities with school and kindergarten concerts and school theatre as well as administrative procedures in connection with applications regarding cultural purposes and adult education.
Bibliotekforum, 8/02, pp. 22-23.

Translated by Vibeke Cranfield