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New Icelandic portal –
Everyone in Iceland has now got free access round the clock to 30 databases, 7,500 e-journals, 3 encyclopedia and a dictionary – from anywhere in Iceland. Iceland’s national and university library (INUB) and the Ministry of Education will over the next four years pay the amount of 20 mil. LSK, while libraries, institutions and firms will pay part of the costs in relation to their potential use and size.

Synopsis, 2/2003


Quiet please!
At Ishøj Public Library requests for peace and order, reminders, reservations and the turning off of public PCs are done by remote control from the control panel of the librarian on duty. The librarians do not interfere in adult patrons’ use of the Internet. They only require one thing: Their behaviour in the library must show respect for other borrowers as well as staff. The library has therefore introduced a new system whereby noisy users get an initial warning on the screen – if that does not work, the PC is turned off.

Bibliotekspressen 11/2003

Translated by Vibeke Cranfield