Scandinavian Shortcuts


Breakthrough for school libraries
The new Danish Education Act opens up for experimental work with combilibraries, including co-operation between public and school libraries. From now on local authorities can themselves determine management structure and conditions in the combilibrary.

Bibliotekspressen, 13/2003

Books in the bath improve circulation figures
Aalborg and Rødding municipalities have chosen to build a new library in their respective swimming baths, and both municipalities have experienced an increase in circulation figures of 30% and 20% respectively. In Aalborg the newspaper room has been moved into the common entrance hall, where it is possible both to borrow books and buy tickets for the baths. Opening hours have been extended in Aalborg as well as in Rødding.

Nyhedsmagasinet Danske Kommuner, 28/2003


Particularly Norwegian?
Norwegian librarians are – like most Norwegians – internationally orientated. It is obvious that Norway as a nation can gain a lot from abroad – but what do foreign librarians get from the Norwegians? Sweden and Denmark feel that Norwegian librarians are like the librarians in the other Nordic countries: clever, energetic and nice people who work away quietly and do an excellent job. Countries outside the North are impressed with what is happening in the Nordic countries and see Scandinavia as one bloc.


Swedish Library of the Year-honour goes to Malmö Malmö
City Library was elected “Library of the Year” 2003 by Swedish borrowers. Top marks are awarded to both staff and the library itself, which was designed by Danish architect Henning Larsen.

The library has also been favourably acknowledged by IFLA, who has chosen it as one of the world’s 12 most characteristic library buildings.

Bibliotekspressen, 2003/18