‘The corner’ at Randers Library

In an attempt to reach the young, Randers Library has created a new area based on investigations into young people’s library habits.

The ‘corner’ has a kind of café atmosphere and good seating arrangements, new materials and something to appeal to the senses. There is a comfortable sofa, study seats around an organic long table with an attractive water lamp, and in the window area you get the chance to test new games on Play station 2 and PC. One wall features a large TV screen, showing amongst other things information about what is on offer in ‘the corner’. What we want to do is to encourage the young to stay and enjoy the room and to give them the chance to be social and to network with other young people. Two ‘listening posts’ are on the cards, where one can listen to the very latest music, even if it is still on hold and therefore cannot be borrowed until four months later. ‘On hold’ is an agreement the Ministry of Culture has made with the record companies with a view to encourage the sale of CDs.

In ‘the corner’ we have chosen to focus on new materials – often things that the library has not previously owned. We have made several purchases especially within such areas as graphic novels and fiction in English, and we also try to provide a wide selection of games for Xbox, Play station 2 and PC, and the latest DVDs. Young people are normally very interested in English language materials, and we have therefore decided to cater for their wishes. We have purchased more copies than we normally do to make them quickly available to more borrowers. The aim is for a greater rotation of materials so that the news are not only ‘fresh’ for the first two borrowers, and we are therefore experimenting with a shorter loan period for certain types of material, which means that you can borrow periodicals for seven days, while the period is three days for DVDs. Equally, it is not possible to reserve materials from ‘the corner’, as we would like to attract the young to the library and therefore the materials must be readily available.

Although ‘the corner’ is not completely finished yet, it has already proved a great success. Most of the new materials are out on loan, and young as well as older people enjoy – and use – the new furniture frequently.

Mads Mejer Frederiksen
Librarian, Randers Library
mf AT randersbib.dk

Rasmus Riishøj Jensen
Librarian, Randers Library
rrj AT randersbib.dk

Translated by Vibeke Cranfield

Librarian, Randers Library
Librarian, Randers Library