Denmark wins European prize for IT learning for senior citizens

In October 2011 the Danish Seniorsurf Day won the prize “Best European Telecentre Initiative” in the European organisation Telecentre Europe.

Libraries all over Denmark helped arrange the Senior Surfday in October 2011. Libraries and data rooms opened their doors to the country’s seniors in order to properly introduce them to the wide variety of possibilities offered by the internet. The day was a great success, and senior citizens from all over the country took part.

On the basis of the successful result the Seniorsurf Day won the prize ôBest European Telecentre Initiativeö in the European organisation Telecentre Europe. According to Telecentre Europe the initiative has ôoutstanding digital inclusion efforts, achievements and best practicesö.

Seniorsurf Day 2011 was a joint project between the Danish Agency for Libraries and Media (now Danish Agency for Culture), DaneAge Association, Danish Association of Senior Citizens and the National IT and Telecom Agency (now the National Digitisation Agency) with Radio Denmark as contributor.

Jonna Holmgaard Larsen
Chief Consultant
jhl AT
Danish Agency for Culture

Translated by Vibeke Cranfield

Chief Consultant Danish Agency for Culture, libraries