Student libraries in local communities

Six municipalities in Troms County in Northern Norway have upgraded their public libraries into student libraries with workspaces and access to technology.

North Troms Study Centre, funded by Troms County Authority, in this manner is implementing flexible educational programmes at university college and university level for adults throughout the county. The library employees have undergone qualification in fields such as supervision and adult learning. The students have their own key cards, making them less dependent on the libraries’ opening hours. Now, the libraries want to become equally suitable arenas for knowledge and learning for children and adolescents.

Large geographical areas and a scattered population represent a challenge in the Northern Troms region. However, a cooperation involving school libraries and public libraries, primary schools and day care centres, with project funding from the National Library of Norway and Troms County Authority, will now ensure that the libraries can provide all children and adolescents with the same services, irrespective of what municipality they live in.

Tertit Knudsen
National Library of Norway
Tertit.knudsen AT

Translated by Akasie språktjenester AS


Advisor The National Library of Norway