The road to information literacy: Mortensnes School

Mortensnes primary school in Troms County, Northern Norway, joined the Norwegian School Library Programme during the 2011-2012 academic year, and became a resource school the following year.

In the project period,Mortensnes school has systematically sought to link teaching and learning efforts to the services and opportunities provided by the school library. The teaching community has been consistently included in this process.

Before the end of the school year, all grades should have prepared requests for topics that include cooperation with the school library, and the project group has provided examples of planning documents for such training programmes. These course plans will  serve as templates for the teachers during their planning for the coming year, and they will be evaluated and improved on the basis of the experience gained from the initial period.

Training schedule

Mortensnes school believes that it is important for all its teachers to have a shared educational outlook. To achieve this, a format for planning and sharing of experience has been prepared, and training courses and a planning day focusing on information literacy have been implemented for all staff members.

The school implements a training schedule in which the school librarians and teachers provide each other with training opportunities. The sharing of experience has been systematized, allowing the school to cover in depth the two main focus areas: school libraries and assessment for training. Knowledge updates for the staff should always end in a specific task that should be tested in practice.

The teachers test their new knowledge in their encounter with the students, and in this manner, the school can systematically accumulate a bank of plans and programmes that are embedded in the school’s culture and practices.

All students library trained

The plan for training the students in the use of the school library was one of the first to be applied during the project. The plan should in essence be linked to the school subjects, but includes a basic skills package as well. Now that all students have completed the library training programme, the school can observe that the school library’s non-fiction collection increasingly captures the students’ attention.

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