More advanced digital offers

97 of Denmark’s 98 municipalities have now joined the Danish Digital Library (DDL), whose purpose is to strengthen, streamline and visualise the collective digital public library service. DDL has just launched a homepage solution, which 75 of the country’s libraries will use as their new front vis-à-vis the public.

County libraries will arrange courses in the DDL CMS-homepage solution. The courses are aimed at different power users – the primary editor and administrator of the site – with the purpose that they afterwards can teach their own colleagues as needed. Moreover, the new library-app has been developed and will very soon be on offer to all Danish citizens.

The objective of creating joint solutions is that it will become easier for the libraries to develop and re-use each other’s good communication solutions and library services.

Better agreements

Right now, the secretariat is negotiating ebooks and licenses on behalf of all the libraries. In the long run, the idea is for DDL to manage all negotiations of electronic media for the libraries so as to obtain cheaper and better agreements.

In the field of communication, focus in 2014 will be on qualifying the libraries’ work with children and with e-books, parallel with DDL working on creating a good platform for decision-support statistics, in order to render visible and become better at adapting and developing the libraries’ digital library services in an expedient way, thereby improving the services to the public even further.

Communication Consultant Danish Digital Library