International recognition for 23 mobile things

As the first Dane ever, Jan Holmquist, a librarian in Guldborgsund municipality in Denmark, has by the internationally renowned periodical Library Journal been awarded the prize of “Mover & shaker”. The prize has been awarded since 2002. It is given to library people who shape the future of the library through local library work and provide the foundation for work in libraries all over the world.

During spring 2013 Jan Holmquist was principal organizer and driving force in a local project about mobile technologies. Over the past few years, the project 23 mobile things has attracted global recognition.

At this moment 23 mobile things is educating library people in Singapore and the Philippines in mobile technology, and 23 mobile things is now, apart from the Danish, Norwegian and English version also available in German, Russian and soon also in French.

“It is a great motivating force for me that my ideas have turned out to be something users of the library can enjoy in their everyday lives. That it also turns into a world news item is, of course, an added bonus,” says Jan Holmquist.

His work and initiatives are about transforming global ideas into immediate enjoyment for visitors to the local library, wherever you might be in the world. The challenges for libraries in the world-wide economic crisis may be the same, but the solutions to these challenges vary. This is something you learn from each other when shaping the libraries of the future together.

On the global map

Apart from the 23 mobile things project, Jan Holmquist is at the moment working on the two projects Nudging: the affectionate, qualified push towards pro-active communication in the open libraries and Gamification.

Jan Holmquist is also given the prize in recognition of his work with Global Librarianship and of one of his spare-time projects on crowd-funding of means to building a library in India.

The prize places both Jan Holmquist and the Danish libraries on the libraries’ global map in a very impressive way.

See the nomination of Jan Holmquist: le/movers-shakers-2014/jan-holmquistmovers- shakers-2014-tech-leaders/#_

Senior Advisor Agency for Culture and Palaces
                                                                      Jan Holmquist. Photo: Jakob Heinesen