Residents keen to select books for the library

A participatory selection by the library patrons of Helsinki City Library was a great success. There were more than 5,000 selection clicks made in the available material. Residents had the opportunity to select English books for the library worth a total of €15,000 during one week, 6-12 October. The library selected favourite books for its collection for the total amount. 

Service Supervisor Kirsi Salminen from the Purchase and Cataloguing Office of Helsinki City Library thinks it is wonderful that people are interested in literature and the collections in libraries. photo: Maisa Hopeakunnas“We would like to thank everyone who took part in the selection! It was a surprise that so many people participated in the book selection process and that the residents went over the selection lists so carefully”, says Service Supervisor Kirsi Salminen from the Purchase and Cataloguing Office of Helsinki City Library.

“It is really wonderful that people are interested in literature and the collections in libraries. The collection accumulation work requires input from both librarians  and patrons. The results were so encouraging that we plan to include residents in the book selection process also in the future,” Kirsi Salminen continues.

Most popular books

The residents interested in the participatory selection process made a total of 5,084 selection clicks.

The selections were targeted at 502 different books. Fiction received the most clicks with a total of 3,997 votes. There were a total of 1,787 selections for non-fiction books.

Most selection votes went to Nick Hornby’s Funny Girl and Tove Jansson’s Moomin collection as well as The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M. Harris.

The statistics for the participatory selection are available on the website.

More than 600 books at €15,000

The library will order a total of 601 copies of 520 books for its collection.

The books will be made available for borrowing in the English collection at Pasila Library. Later they will be moved to the collection of the Central Library, which is already being accumulated.

The arrival of the selected books can be followed online by searching for materials on the website.

Lists for selecting books for acquisition have been produced in cooperation with Helsinki City Library’s contracting supplier, BTJ Finland Oy. The appropriation of €15,000 to be used for the trial is part of the Central Library’s participatory budget appropriation.

Communications Specialist Helsinki City Library