Collection development policy

Volume 48 NO. 4 2015

Photo: Annika HjerpeWe need your help

We want to know what you think about SLQ. Therefore we have made a survey and we hope that you want to participate and contribute with your answers. The questionnaire is web based and you can find it here:

Study groups need to share sources and digital access is on its way to overtake the book. Photo: Aslak OrmestadFrom “just in case” to “just in time”

Specialist and research libraries are undergoing changes, also in terms of the way they develop their collections. One development is the change from paper-based to digital collections. But the most important trend is the increased use of sources of knowledge. Book borrowing is only slightly on the decline, while digital downloads are shooting ahead.

Overview promises quality digital text licenses Photo: ColourboxKnowledge and perspetive exchange quality of digital text licenses

Excel work sheets, Google Docs and mail correspondences. Those were the tools for handling digital text licenses in Danish public libraries only just a year ago. Today they have been replaced by the digital system ‘Consortia Manager’, a system that has proved that a broader perspective is the way to enhance the quality of digital text licenses offered by public libraries to their patrons.

Sometimes it is necessary to weed and Madelein Enström knows how to get started. Photo: CC0What and why and when, and how and where

Libraries are democracy projects. One of the pillars of building a democracy is education, another is libraries. By safeguarding freedom of speech and freedom of information for all, libraries contribute to the maintenance of a living democracy. This forms the basis for starting a collection development policy.

Hämeenlinna City Library. Photo: Varpu VallbackaThe Hämeenlinna model

The Hämeenlinna City Library is a mid-sized provincial library that has boldly upgraded its course of actions since the 1990s. For a long time now, we have been among the top libraries in Finland to develop our online services, and we have been a pilot in the development of library services.

Editorial: Hunting for customers

No one can know it all, and that’s why people still need to get together.

I met with other national library directors in Cape Town during an IFLA conference. The future holds many megatrends: consolidation, regulation and globalisation. GAFA – Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook – are well aware of this. They are continuing their merciless global domination. The world is being split in half: into barbarians and humanists. Shades of grey are also acceptable.

Illustration: Helena BergendahlViewpoint: Things are different in a good way

The other day I met with Gita Wolf from Tara Books in Chennai, India, at Gothenburg City Library. She was visiting Gothenburg to talk about her publishing house, which works with amazing handmade books and traditional techniques. Now she wanted to see the library, and we decided to meet up there for lunch.