Straightforward service all together

Iso Omena Service Centre in Matinkylä, Espoo, located in southern Finland, is an all-new venue offering public services. The purpose of the centre is to facilitate visitors’ everyday life and offer the opportunity to take care of various errands all in one place.

Iso Omena Service Centre Photo: Oliver AnderssonThe service providers at the centre work together for the good of the visitors. Here you will find a public library, cultural services, youth services, child health clinic, general health clinic as well as mental health, substance abuse and KELA social services, citizen services, HUS laboratory and imaging services and Kohtaamo art and cultural service centre.

As an example, a family with an appointment for a vaccination at the child health clinic can wait for their turn in the library reading or doing some other activity and after their appointment go to the HUS laboratory or charge their travel card at the citizen services desk. Likewise, senior citizens can begin their day at the shopping centre, take care of a pension-related errand, take part in an exercise class and once they are finished go and borrow a book to take home from the library.

Omena is unique

The Service Centre has been designed in close collaboration with the service providers. The voice of the visitors has also been heard throughout various stages of its development. Together we have worked through visitor experiences and considered what they and the local community want from us and what added value we can offer them.

All of the employees at the Service Centre possess basic knowledge of the various services offered in the centre and are able to advise visitors on where to find the services they are looking for. The centre’s multi-professional community makes it possible for visitors to find help for their dilemmas all in one visit.

Examples of collaboration

Multi-professional collaboration takes place when professionals at the child health clinic and speech therapists work together to help a child with a reading disability to learn to read and support the child’s reading hobby, or when adult social workers are on duty at the library to provide consultation concerning problems with financial support. Various peer groups meet in the conference rooms, the city’s sports services department organizes exercise classes for senior citizens or the cultural services department offers events in culture and art at the shopping centre.

Experts at the health centre and mental health services department provide consultation on how to promote mental health and a representative at the library recommends literature pertaining to the topic. The library’s Paja workshop is a place to do things and learn together, a natural meeting place for people of different ages and cultural backgrounds. The library strengthens all of these encounters by offering a broad and diverse collection of literature and magazines.

How this is possible

The planning for the realm of services began in collaborative workshops in 2012. We surveyed the needs of the residents and existing services in the Matinkylä area and introduced joint pilot projects after which we executed the best practices. The service providers learned about each other’s corporate culture and ways of working right from the beginning of the project, which was especially important.

Understanding different corporate cultures and finding ways to join them together is an essential element in the success of the service concept. During the past year, the employees from different service providers have got to know each other through various activities – from choosing furniture to participation in joint parties!

Regional Chief Librarian Library Apple, Espoo City Library
Facts about the Service Centre
  • Opened 11.8.2016
  • Area: c. 6,000 m², of which the library has c. 3,000 m²
  • Visitor expectancy: c. 1 mil. visitors/year
  • Staff: c. 140 people
  • Location: Espoo, Iso Omena shopping centre
Iso Omena (Finnish for Big Apple) is a shopping centre in Matinkylä, Espoo, Finland. Iso Omena includes many centralised municipal and private services. The building has three floors, a parking lot on the bottom floor and a separate parking building and an office tower. The name Iso Omena comes from the nickname The Big Apple of New York City, USA.