A local perspective

Volume 40 NO. 2 2007

The library has been closely tied to its location. Thanks to its online library services, it is also obtaining an omnipresent form. This situation is clearly giving a new boost and appearance to local library operations.

Our lives are becoming ever-more centred on the individual. On a daily basis, we must make infinitely minute choices, which often relate to major issues, such as climatic change. Information would be the key to the solution, but there is an overwhelming amount of it available. Feelings of isolation and powerlessness increase.
In this context, the new, active local library shines like the light through a window at night time. Local library events highlight local social life. There is a sense of belonging to the community. All of the world’s information is also there, well organized and information specialists are at hand.

The local library is a meeting place, where the local community, information, culture and information specialists come together. It breaks the information technology and flood of information down into more manageable dimensions.

Seppo Verho
editor, Kirjastolehti,
Finnish Library Association

Translation: Turun Täyskäännös

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Managing Editor, Kirjasto-lehti