Volume 35 NO. 2 2002

Volume 35 NO. 2 2002

Legally responsible publisher: Jens Thorhauge, jth AT bs.dk

Editor-in-chief: Jonna Holmgaard Larsen, jhl AT bs.dk
Assistant editor: Vibeke Cranfield, vhc AT bs.dk

Sidsel Hindal, sidsel.hindal AT bibtils.no
Norwegian Directorate for Public Libraries

Barbro Wigell-Ryynänen, barbro.wigell-ryynanen AT minedu.fi
Finnish Ministry of Education, Dep. for Cultural Policy

Helena Kettner, helena.kettner AT kur.se
Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs

ISSN 0036-5602

Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly (SPLQ)
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