Karl Kalseth

Karl Kalseth is managing director (CEO) of the consultant company Kunnskapsgartnerne AS (The Knowledge Gardeners) in Oslo, Norway.

He is former President of the Norwegian Library Association, former Vice-President of the International Federation for Information and Documentation (FID) and former chairman of the FID/II - Information for Industry Committee.

He has written and edited books on Document Management, Enterprise Content Management, and Information Management. He has written numerous articles on library and information management, organised national and international conferences and seminars, and is an often used lecturer and speaker.

Since 2000 he has been a regular critical commentary columnist “dott.punktum.dott” (dot-period-dot) for Bibliotekforum.

He became a librarian in 1973 and has been Head Librarian of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, and Director, Information Services, Norsk Hydro.