Volume 40 NO. 1 2007

Volume 40 NO. 1 2007

Public libraries in Scandinavia are at the top. Their activities are of interest to the globallibrary community. Scandinavian countries have something to share and also have a willingness to share it.
Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly is a central public-library information channel to the world outside of Scandinavia and between the Scandinavian countries. It has built a functioning bridge over one language gap.

SPLQ has been hybrid media for a long time. It is published in paper form and on the net. The paper version is a known media and long texts are easy to read on paper. Internet communications are fast, cheap, interactive and not hindered by geography.
The SPLQ versions are now practically overlapping and not complementary. The use of both is also quite meagre considering the possibilities and the need.

SPLQ is published by different library authorities in the Scandinavian countries. In order better to meet the challenges, the team has acquired expertise in library journalism. As a result, the experience acquired through the publication of the century-old library journal is available for use.
Furthermore, we need the will, vision and resources that are in agreement with the goals. Now is the time to discuss them. At least we have the opportunities.

Seppo Verho
editor, Kirjastolehti,
Finnish Library Association

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