Libraries and well-being

Volume 49 NO. 1–2 2016

Libraries and well-being

This is a very special year for SLQ.

All of 2016, Iceland will participate with articles and we are very happy to be able to offer our readers an Icelandic view! However, as you can read in Christina Jönsson Adrial’s editorial on the next page, we also have something to be very unhappy about: This year is SLQ’s very last year. We will try to make the best of this special year by offering you interesting and informative articles.

This particular issue of SLQ is, among other things, about libraries and well-being. As you will see when you read our articles, libraries and well-being are certainly related.

Some of our co-workers that will participate in the IFLA conference this August will bring copies of this issue to be distributed there so that new readers will get to read about Scandinavian libraries. We hope they will appreciate it as much as our regular readers and I want to send a Thank You to every single one of the Scandinavian IFLA-participants that bring copies of SLQ in their luggage – all the way to Ohio.

I hope you will all enjoy reading this issue of SLQ. The next issue, NO 3 2016, will reach you in the beginning of October.


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Editor-in-chief National Library of Sweden