Volume 44 NO. 2 2011

At closer inspection

In Norway, especially, some most interesting user surveys have been made lately. Who are they, the library users – or the non-users? What are they actually doing in the library? How much time do they spend on the premises, are they looking for material to take home, are they browsing the shelves or using the Internet connections?
Do theyneed the professional services of the librarians?

Library use is not the same as only ten years ago. The premises have become a common space, a place for studying, working and finding information as well as for cultural experiences and relaxing. The library staff is well aware of a big change in user behaviour, but at closer inspection there might still be totally new information,
surprises, even. We need to know, in order to do the right things.

Barbro Wigell-Ryynänen
barbro.wigell-ryynanen AT

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Retired, former editor