Co-operation between archives, libraries and museums (ALM)

Volume 36 NO. 2 2003

Co-operation between archives, libraries and museums (ALM) is a hot topic just now and therefore appropriately the theme for the present edition of SPLQ. Both at Nordic and European level, the issue is very much on the agenda. Norway has already taken the step of establishing a national ALM authority, while the other Nordic countries at the moment are concentrating on such co-operations at local level. In an EU context a renewed action line within the 6. framework programme for research and development is on the cards.

The present number features an article on the recently established Norwegian authority. SPLQ no. 1 last year had a Norwegian article on a local historical project and in this number we bring three Danish examples of how IT provides us with new possibilities of presenting local history, previously to be experienced in three institutions, in one common portal. These initiatives have encouraged Denmark to appoint a steering committee for ALM co-operation and a working group who is to concentrate on common standards for registration. SPLQ’s regular columnist, Uno Nilsson from Sweden, this time also turns his attention to the theme.

But there is a world outside ALM! From Finland we have an interview about a recently adopted national library strategy, and as it is the UN’s handicap year we have chosen to bring an article about a unique Swedish project: an IT-café for people with disabilities.

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