Volume 44 NO. 1 2011

Remodelling the instruments

Library professionals all over Scandinavia are currently considering appropriate tools for measuring performances.
This is not something that has been agreed upon jointly, the entire library field just seems to have come to the same conclusion simultaneously. Production and use of library services have changed in so many ways, now is the time to remodel outworn measuring instruments.
Sweden started with a comprehensive article on this theme in SPLQ 4/2010, in this issue there are articles from Denmark, Finland and Sweden on this subject.
Although not part of the ‘publishing company’,Iceland is invited to contribute every now and again. There have not, however, been any articles from Iceland for a very long time. Warmly welcome back, Icelandic colleagues!

Barbro Wigell-Ryynänen
barbro.wigell-ryynanen AT

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