Päivi Alanen

  • Cand.phil. (M.A.) in the Finnish language, University of Åbo, 1982.
  • Educated as professional librarian at University of Tampere, Finland 1988.
  • Further studies in information science.
  • After qualifying as librarian, moved to Finnish Lapland to work in Rovaniemi County Library as Sami special librarian.
  • Studied the Sami language, and worked as librarian for one year 1992-93 at the Nordic Sami Institute in Kautokeino, Norway
  • In 1996 became university librarian at the University of Tromsø, Norway, with responsibility for Sami language and culture.
  • Librarian at the Sami Parliament at Jokkmokk, in Sweden, 1998-99
  • Moved further south in the autumn of 2001 to Tysfjord in the Norwegian county of Nordland to work as departmental librarian in connection with the Lule Sami mobile library service.