Interaction with the local environment

Volume 42 NO. 1 2009

Interaction with the local environment

The library is very important to the residents of a town district or a community. Meetings and activities are adapted for local needs and different age groups, with story-time for children and a home-visiting service for the elderly, with consultation services for students of different levels and multicultural services as needed. Many libraries have a
comprehensive programme schedule with author visits and film nights, for example, but libraries are also a place where you can read the daily newspapers or come and sit with your own laptop and just be in the company of others.

The local library personnel know their area and the needs of the residents. For new residents from other parts of the country or from different countries, the library provides a solid foot in the door towards adjusting to a new hometown. The library has everything you need, from local district meetings, to up-to-date contact information to local and national authorities.

Barbro Wigell-Ryynänen
Counsellor for Library Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland

Translation: Turun Täyskäännös

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Retired, former editor
Assistant Editor. Administrative assistant, Ministry of Education