Philosophical/theoretical nature

Volume 36 NO. 3 2003

Editorial note
SPLQ frequently features articles or comments on new library building activities. This time we have chosen library building as a theme. The successful entry of IT into the libraries has meant a change in functions, not only in the virtual world but also in the physical library, and necessitated a re-definition of the latter. Gone are the days when moving a couple of bookshelves to accommodate the computers would do the trick. Now one has to allow for automation and self-service, for new media and new forms of mediation, for example teaching and learning activities.

This issue provides articles of a philosophical/theoretical nature, as well as some that are rather more specific. The contributions from Denmark and Finland belong in the first category, and include some examples. In Norway focus is naturally enough on the planning of the new main library in Oslo. Sweden introduces i.a. the controversial experiment ”The Diesel Work Shop Library” situated in a Stockholm suburb. Finally we are pleased to present an article on the plans for a national library in the capital of Latvia, Riga.

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