Structural changes in society

Volume 39 NO. 4 2006

This issue of SPLQ is the last one, where I have the pleasure of being legally responsible editor. The Danish Library Agency (we have just changed our English name from Danish National Library Authority, because we were often mistaken for The Royal Library) has hosted this pan-Scandinavian journal for five years.

For the next five years our Finnish colleagues will be editors. It has been a pleasure to share knowledge about the latest steps in our public libraries with the readers, and I have had many kind responses for which I should like to take this opportunity of expressing my sincere thanks. We will still provide the journal with a co-editor, but look forward to working with a Finnish editor-in-chief.

Jens Thorhauge
Director general
Danish Library Agency
jth AT

Photos in this issue by Nils Lund Pedersen from ‘Book a mobile library’ in the municipality, Brønderslev – an example of a new library service in connection with the danish structural reform.

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Jens Thorhauge Thorhauge Consulting, independent advisor