In search of a common perspective - are public and research libraries joining forces?

Volume 38 NO. 3 2005

The theme for this issue of SPLQ we have called “In search of a common perspective – are public and research libraries joining forces?”. In principle the two library types direct their services at two different target groups and have traditionally been living relatively separate lives.
But the electronic ‘explosion’ has over the past few years meant a readjustment of this conception and opened up for cooperation across the sectors. This development is undoubtedly an ongoing process. In Denmark a common national catalogue and online ordering facilities from the user’s own home have resulted in the interesting fact that for the first time the figure for library loans from the research libraries to the public libraries is higher than loans between the research libraries, and a recently published analysis proves that often young students are very keen users of both library types.

Norway is introducing a joint library card project, in Sweden some towns have built libraries that contain both functions and some of the Nordic countries are running joint digitisation projects. The articles in SPLQ 3 chart the landscape of the most recent developments within in area.

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