Volume 39 NO. 1 2006

Volume 39 NO. 1 2006

The relation between public and school libraries in the Nordic countries has had a ‘chequered career’. The libraries have been together, they have led independent lives and they are now in some cases getting closer once again. To many local politicians it seems so obvious:
Two institutions whose purpose is to lend books should easily be able to cast in their lot together, but often it is not as simple as that. The two library types belong under different jurisdiction, are governed by two different legislations and are as a rule run by two different professional groups.
However, innovative thoughts are also being hatched, interesting projects are launched that build bridges or completely new concepts are created with the emphasis on the most essential thing of all – offering all citizens, young and old, the chance to learn and to enjoy cultural experiences. This issue of SPLQ reports and reflects on common initiatives and developments in the Nordic libraries.

Jonna Holmgaard Larsen
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Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly
Volume 38, no. 3, 2005
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