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Volume 37 NO. 4 2004

A new year is rapidly approaching. Times are changing – and so is SPLQ.
One major development is that from 2005 our subscribers are going to receive the journal free of charge! It has long been our ambition to spread the message about what exactly goes on in the Scandinavian library world as widely as possible, and now we have decided on a new concept for the journal. In the future SPLQ will appear in a slightly trimmer version with a stronger thematic aspect. At the same time we offer the opportunity for libraries and library related institutions to apply for the version they want: the printed one or the electronic.

The theme in the present issue is Online distribution. All the Scandinavian countries
are involved in buying licenses for electronic journals, and we have therefore asked a Swedish journalist to take a closer look at how this is being managed in the four different countries.
From Denmark we hear about some major steps forward in relation to online distribution of music and movies. Norway presents a status on their nation-wide project as well as introducing us to, and Finland examines the position of
as a national Internet service.

Jonna Holmgaard Larsen
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