Denmark is reading

On 3. September professionals from all over the country met for an inspiration day devoted to reading. The campaign Denmark is reading had invited all the municipalities in Denmark to a networking seminar in order to share experiences and to encourage the love of reading. Three keynote speakers from Great Britain introduced new research and cases about the particular qualities of reading, its formative and social potential.

Professor Philip Davis presented research on the unique value of reading in terms of culture and mental health.

Jane Davis, director of The Reader Organization, talked about the concept of ‘shared reading’, which emphasizes reading aloud to somebody as being particularly rewarding. ‘Shared reading’ is an important element of the campaign City of Readers, the purpose of which is to make Liverpool the leading town of reading in Great Britain and create a new generation of readers.

Clare McGread, head of programmes in National Literacy Trust, told about the programme Premier League Reading Stars, which is targeted children between 8 and 13, and is particulary successful in motivating boys to read by using football players as role models.