Volume 43 NO. 4 2010

Professional skills

Libraries are patron-oriented, part of citizens’ every day life, they have to adapt to changing user expectations and societal change. There is a continuous need for developing services, with a view also to measuring and evaluating performances. A qualified staff is a prerequisite for relevant library development, but excactly what competences and skills would actally be needed these days?
In this issue we look at education and competence building in the library and information field. Library directors give their views on essentials when recruiting new staff.
On the other hand, the library manager is a central actor, what qualities would be of importance when recruiting new managers?
Current national reports address the qualification require- ments in national legislation and visions of competencies needed at present and in the future, but this is also a topic being keenly discussed at the moment among library professionals.

Barbro Wigell-Ryynänen
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