Collections and expertise on the go

Volume 42 NO. 2 2009

Collections and expertise on the go

The local libraries in the city of Espoo, part of the Greater Helsinki region, are all located in shopping centers, the latest example being Entresse, which opened its doors in April. The library is there where the people are, an excellent partner for the shopping centre for it too pulls in the crowd and is open late, just like the stores.

Services are also being taken outside the confines of the library walls to workplaces, daycares, prisons, and why not to the rest-stops for long-distance trucks. In the countryside, Bookmobiles not only take books, but also Internet connections and programs, to the villages.

There has been much discussion about how important it is to increase the visibility of the library on the Internet. In this issue, we will discuss various ways of taking collections and expertise to the patrons, i.e. accessible library services.

Barbro Wigell-Ryynänen
Counsellor for Library Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland

Translation: Turun Täyskäännös

Cover photo: Inmate in swedish prison, Jamil, is recording his storytelling from Barpapapa to his son.
A project called Bedtime Stories from Inside. Fathers in prison record a story for their children and a CD is made.
A collaboration between Swedish Prison and probation Service and Malmö City Library. Photo: Anna Danielsson

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