Co-operation with partners other than libraries

Volume 37 NO. 2 2004

Scandinavian public libraries have a long tradition of co-operation with other libraries, the most obvious example being the interlibrary loan service. But the public libraries are also very open institutions that enjoy co-operating with other players in the local community, such as schools, cultural institutions, associations and others.

The theme in this issue of SPLQ concentrates on co-operation with partners other than libraries, introducing several new and untraditional partnerships at local as well as national level.

We start off with an article about the Norwegian digital library. Finland then opens the doors to the Rikhardinkatu Library with its large collection of art books and periodicals as well as a unique artist books collection and the country’s biggest artotheque. From Sweden we learn more about supporting modern media communication in the article on SIM and BIN and Denmark puts the focus on consumer information in the public library. These articles are just a selection – there is much more to follow in this issue – so read on!

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