Library Space

Volume 41 NO. 4 2008

Planning for a common future

In Oslo and Stockholm the planning of the new main libraries is advancing, although not as  uickly and as uninterruptedly as the involved parties could wish. In Helsinki plans for a new library in the city centre have got good publicity and political support, and now Copenhagen, too, announces there are plans made for a new main library. Planning a new main library in the capital is something that concerns all citizens and all libraries, big and small, throughout the country. It is like a national institution, and it should be a model and an inspiration for all – for years to come.
What will people expect from their libraries in the future?
With or without new library buildings, operating in bigger cities or in smaller, rural municipalities, all library directors and their staff have to make plans for the future, for the next few years, for the next five, or even ten years.
What will be significant for library use, what will change?
How to plan, or refurbish the library premises in order to attract new generations of users? The physical library is a meeting place for all citizens. New lifestyles and user expectations should influence refurbishing and planning.
These are central issues for all of us to dwell on.

Barbro Wigell-Ryynänen

Translation: Turun Täyskäännös

Cover photo: Hjørring Library, DK.

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Retired, former editor
Assistant Editor. Administrative assistant, Ministry of Education