School libraries on the agenda

Volume 46 NO. 1 2013

Schools, the idea of grouping people together in one place for learning, have existed since ancient times and the Scandinavian countries have documentation of schools that date far back in time. Since this first issue of SLQ in 2013 is all about school libraries, I tried to find out when the first school library was established. This proved to be an impossible task. What I did find out was that there is no comprehensive history of school libraries available, this according to Dr. L. Anne Clyde who wrote a PhD thesis on the subject.

We have no PhD theses to offer in this issue, but we do have a number of interesting articles about school libraries in Scandinavia today, and an article about libraries in contemporary Iceland – after the recession.

Dr. L. Anne Clyde’s thesis The Magic Casements: A survey of school library history from the eighth to the twentieth century

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Editor-in-chief National Library of Sweden