New roles for library staff

Volume 36 NO. 1 2003

‘New roles for library staff’ is the theme for this the first 2003 edition of SPLQ

The public library’s development from physical to virtual library – from book collection to hybrid library – has produced a great variety of new tasks, and this naturally affects the role of the ’new’ librarian.
No longer will it be sufficient to incorporate yet more materials in the library’s collections. Library staff will also have to act in new and innovative ways if they are to live up to the expectations of a vibrant networking society. The librarian must assume the role of instructor and learn to restructure his traditional reference work into chat on the Internet. The present issue features a number of articles illustrating these new roles.

We also welcome two new faces to SPLQ who will be regular columnists during 2003: Taking over from Dorte Skot-Hansen (Viewpoint), will be Uno Nilsson, at present library adviser with Halland County Library in Sweden, later this spring to take up the position of library director at Tjörn in Bohuslän.

Nordbok (Nordic Literature and Library Committee) has moved from Denmark to Norway. New chairwoman of the committee is Inger Eide-Jensen, Sweden, while the new secretariat director is Asbjørn Langeland, former director of the Norwegian Directorate for Public Libraries, now integrated into The Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority.
This means that from now on the feature Nordic Council of Ministers will be edited in Norway.

Jonna Holmgaard Larsen

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