Future Libraries

Volume 49 NO. 4 2016

In this, the very last issue of Scandinavian Library Quarterly (SLQ), we are trying to look ahead into the future of libraries. We think it will be an exciting future in which libraries continue to play an important part in people’s lives.

The aim of SLQ has been to introduce current tendencies and strategies in Scandinavian libraries to the Englishspeaking world and to create a forum for stimulating and constructive dialogue. Scandinavian Library Quarterly, until 2012 known as Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly, has through the years been published jointly by the Nordic Public Library Authorities in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark and sometimes also Island.

For everyone who has worked with SLQ, the Nordic collaboration has been an important and rewarding factor in the making of our magazine. We hope that it has been equally rewarding for all of you, our much appreciated readers, to read all the texts about Scandinavian libraries. It is a small comfort for us to know that, although no more issues will be published, you will still be able to read everything that has been published in Scandinavian Library Quarterly and Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly from 1968 to 2016 at slq.nu.

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Editor-in-chief National Library of Sweden