Libraries and volunteers

Volume 47 NO. 1 2014

Libraries are institutions created for people to use free of charge. They are often financed with our tax money and their ideas and needs for activities frequently surpass their available resources. Thus, it is not surprising that libraries seek voluntary manpower to enable realization of desired projects. And there are many creative projects made possible thanks to thousands of engaged people who volunteer some of their time and knowledge for others to enjoy. In this issue of SLQ you can read about some of them, and about some of the projects accomplished thanks to them.

But there is more; for example a public library run by a private limited corporation – in a way the opposite of voluntary collaboration – and a new method to document the effect of libraries’ achievements.

All this, and then some more is what you can find in this issue of SLQ.

The issue in PDF
Editor-in-chief National Library of Sweden