About SLQ

1968–2016. Scandinavian Library Quarterly’s aim was to introduce tendencies and strategies in Scandinavian libraries to the English-speaking world. All of the articles published in SLQ through the years are available to read here at slq.nu.

Scandinavian Library Quarterly, until 2012 known as Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly, was first published in 1968. It was published jointly by the Nordic Library Authorities in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, each country taking turns to host the main editorial office for a period of five years.

2016 was the final year of publication, during SLQ’s last five years, 2012–2016, the office was placed in Stockholm at the National Library of Sweden, therefore this site, slq.nu, is hosted by the National library of Sweden and the intention is to leave the site as it is. If you have questions about the site you can send an e-mail to: info AT kb.se

Editor-in-chief until 16-12-2016 was:
Annika HjerpeAnnika Hjerpe
The National Library of Sweden 



Co-editors until 16-12-2016 were:

Susanne AhlrothSusanne Ahlroth
The Regional State Administrative Agencies of Finland

Minna KaukonenMinna Kaukonen
The National Library of Finland 

Gitte SmedGitte Smed
The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces

Tertit KnudsenTertit Knudsen
The National Library of Norway 



Lay-out until 16-12-2016 was:
Staehr Reklame & Marketing
Print: C.S.Grafisk A/S