Robert Vaagan

  Teaches and carries out research on the role of libraries in the community. Acts as the department’s research co-ordinator and participates in the new course of study developed by the Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority to promote the development of multicultural skills among the staff of cultural institutions.
  • R.Vaagan, S.Holm (2003) "Professional values in Norwegian Librarianship", article accepted by the EUCLID-ALISE conference in Potsdam 31 July – 1 August 2003 (awaiting publication)
  • R.Vaagan (2003) "LIS education – repackaging infopreneurs or promoting value-based skills?", New Library World, Vol.104/No.4/5 2003, pp.156-163
  • Robert Vaagan Robert Vaagan, Doctor of Philosophy, is associate professor at the Faculty of Journalism, Library and Information Science, Oslo College of Higher Education.