Denmark moves to RDA!

After some years of investigation of the consequences of a move to the new cataloguing code RDA (Resource Description and Access), the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces reached a decision on the 19th of August that Denmark shall start a move to RDA. The move will take effect from the 1st of January 2018.

Denmark will use RDA in English, but with vocabulary and Policy Statements in Danish.

Included in the above mentioned decision is also a decision that Denmark will get a Strategy for Authority Data, i.e. Danish cataloguers will start working with authorized, controlled, forms at full scale, for persons, institutions, and works (titles).

Some of the main arguments for the move to RDA are the possibilities of continuing to reuse records from abroad and the perspectives of having a code based on FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records) and with a new underlying data model. At the same time RDA can be seen as a step towards a new not MARC-based format.

The implementation process has already started with several working groups translating vocabularies, writing the Danish Profile (Danish RDA Policy Statements), and coming up with proposals on how authority work should be included in the work flow. One working group also looks into the Danish format, danMARC2, to see to it that the format is fully compatible with RDA.

Senior Advisor Agency for Culture and Places